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Please add yourself here, and create your personal profile wiki page here, where you would (1) introduce who you are, background, interests, goals, etc, (2) include/upload/attach your reflections

Ellen Yi-Luen Do

David Cowan

Craig Zimring

Jeremy Ackerman

Ellen Yi-Leun Do, PhD. college of architecture and college of computing, her motto? work hard, play hard, she has a [web site] or the one on [CoC SIC] (when you create a new link with double brackets, you will see it shows up as red, and if you click on it, you can edit and add info to the new page)

  • Onsite Health Center: Students

Manas Apte

Ruchika Bansal

Mugdha Barve - Master's student in Computer Science

Niquelle Brown Graduate student in Health Systems, Undergraduate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Lauren Calvert Graduate student in the Health Systems Masters program with a background in Biomedical Engineering

Rupal Deshmukh

Manohar Ganesan- Graduate Student in Computer Science

Ariel Garcia Master student in Health Systems, Undergrad in Electronic Systems, video games freak

Scott Gilliland

Sunandha Gunaseelan Graduate student in Health Systems, Undergrad Bio-informatics

Siddharth Gupta Masters student in Human Computer Interaction, Undergrad in Design

Whitney Haller Masters Student in Health Systems, Undergrad IE, Health Guru and Exercise Nut

Jiasheng He

Abhilasha Jain Masters Student in Building Construction program, Undergrad in Architecture.

Dinesh Joshi - MS Computer Science student

Gourab Kar

Hyungsin Kim PhD student in Human Centered Computing

Chung-Lun Kuo PhD student in College of Architecture

Amaya C. Labrador Graduate student in MArch program, Undegrad degrees in Sociology and Enviormental Design from the University of Puerto Rico.

Brett Labrecque Masters Student in Health Systems, Undergraduate Degree in Biomedical Engineering

Seunghyun Tina Lee

Pei-Lin Liao First year Master of Architecture student

Szu-Chia Lu First year Master in Human-Computer Interaction

Subhav Mital Second Year Masters in Computer Science

Ekta Nagar Master Student in Health Systems, Undergrad in BME, Baker & Event Planner

Wen Hong Chris Neoh Masters student in Industrial Design, Undergrad in Chemistry

Narayanan Ramakrishnan (Nadu) - Graduate Student in Computer Science

Gabriele Seppi

Indu Thumsi

Andy Wu

Kezban Yagci Masters Student in Health Systems, Masters Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering, Undergraduate Degree in Industrial Engineering

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