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About me

Hello folks! I am Manohar Ganesan, a graduate student in Computer Science at Tech. You can call me Mano...that's what friends call me!

I am from India. I completed by undergraduate studies in Information Science at Bangalore, India and joined Hewlett - Packard in 2005. After 4 years at HP, I am back to studies!

During my stint at HP, I founded the "Light a Candle" (LAC) group with the intention of helping children in underpriviledged schools to learn more about the opportunities that were available to them while also improving the overall quality of education and awareness amongst the children. LAC was a huge success in HP, Bangalore, and grew to over 200 volunteers while touching over 500 children over a span of 2 years. You can get a glimpse into LAC here. In order to make the process more scalable and sustainable an information sharing online learning community called LACNet with features tailored for children with no exposure to English or computers, was proposed and prototyped.

My experiences during this process helped me find my purpose and gave me an idea of the direction in which I want to channel my work. I am excited about working on the intersection between internet - mobile technologies and human computer interaction to address last mile problems!

What does a Health Center mean to me?

To me a Health Center is the first and frequent point of contact for people to address minor issues, take preventive care and maintain wellness.

In my mind, I not only see on-site health centers as a means for corporations to provide on-site health care to their employees but also as health clinics set up by governements for the general masses which are tuned to be sensitive to the local culture, local issues and other social aspects of that particular area (hence on-site).


As I walked into the On-Site Health Center class, I was not sure what to expect. I had walked in intutively with a friend who had mentioned about the course to me.

But as the class unfolded I began making my connections. The subject of study gives a good insight into the application of technology in the medical sphere. The best part was when I understood the proposition of working with a diverse team on a project which will eventually be show-cased! Such as experience, I felt would allow me to experience the problems and solutions around health care systems while also understanding design and usability aspects of solutions. In this I hope to find answers that may fit the needs of health systems in developing countries.

A diverse set of fellow mates and the energy and passion that the instructors brought to class only assured me that this course could be a fantastic journey!