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My name is Lauren Calvert. I am a first semester Masters student in the Health Systems program. I currently serve as one of two student representatives on the board for the Georgia chapter of HIMSS. I graduated in May 2009 from Marquette University where I got my degree in Biomedical Engineering with an emphasis in Biomechanics and a minor in Biology. Outside of school I am interested in music (I play viola & piano), baking, crafting, tennis, reading and shopping for deals!

What Should a On-Site Health Center Be?

I think an on-site health center should be a place where employees can go to help themselves. It should be a location where they can access resources to keep and maintain their personal wellness and well being. Generally I think that an on-site health center should not only have a clinic with a full range of services, but also health coaches to help employees make healthy choices and plans, and also a workout center to help them maintain/achieve physical wellness. By providing all of these things, employers will benefit in a decrease in sick days of employees as well as an overall increase in employee satisfaction.

On-site Health Center Reflection

I have had several experiences with on-site health centers at the company I co-oped with during my undergraduate career - Kimberly Clark. At each corporate location Kimberly Clark has an on-site health facility with a fully staffed clinic (several RNs and a Doctor) as well as a full gym, lap pool, and exercise room. They have a fitness expert on-site as well who not only teaches classes, but also provides consultations on exercise and overall wellness and leads wellness initiatives around the KC campus (blood pressure checks, walking challenges, etc.). The facility offers their services for all employees, their spouses, and retirees free of charge. I believe more companies should offer facilities such as these to their employees. It is not only a benefit to the employee, but also to the company as it keeps their employees happy, healthy, and productive.

In this class I hope to learn more about other companies who have on-site health centers as well as ways to improve those sites to allow them to be beneficial to the employees and the company.

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