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August 18: Introduction

The origami was definitely impressive and entertaining. I wish I had more artistic abilities. We met with our interdisciplinary professors, class mates and team mates.

August 20: Class Overview and Past Years Projects by Prof. Ellen Duo

Our only entertainment was from Prof Ellen Duo (quote from Ellen Duo). She gave us general overview of the class and examples from past years projects.

August 25: Presentations

The presentations about onsite heath center were interesting. Our group focused on general properties of onsite health center, the problems we identified and want to find solutions such as multiple location companies, wellness center which not only focuses on physical wellness but also psychological wellness harmed by stress in the work environment.

August 27: GA Tech Health Center Visit

Today’s class was visit to health center at GA Tech. It was scary to see the chairs in the first floor for H1N1 patients. The tour was interesting and very beneficial, we learned the history of health center and a quick summary about H1N1. The tour guide was objective, thus he mostly show us both advantages and disadvantages of GT Health Center. He touched upon many issues and aspects from the engineering (scheduling) to design (colors). Capacity limits, segregation of waiting area, privacy in the encounter were the basic issues.

September 1: Evidence Based Design by Prof. Zimring

Evidence based design presentation from Prof. Zimring was fascinating. It was valuable to learn how and why American Hospital design accepted single patient rooms.

September 3: Presentation by David Cowan and Skits

As an engineer, I was proud to Mr. Cowan’s presentation on how engineers can affect healthcare and make it more efficient, effective, (basically IOM’s Six Quality Aims). David Cowan state the issues related to healthcare as access, timeliness, patient flow, centeredness, scope of capabilities, flexibility and surge. The notion of trans-disciplinary was exciting.

After the presentation, we watched a few skits. The one from Group 3 which combined several issues together was the most remarkable one.

September 8: Skits

We went on the skits. Our group’s theme was doctor’s not washing hands between patients.

September 10: Group Discussion with Professors

Today we discussed three issues that we found challenging and problem for onsite health centers.