Jiasheng He

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I am a CS Masters student currently working in Dr. Thad Starner's lab in the TSRB. My interests are in rapid prototyping and interface design, with a recent focus on health care systems. This past summer, I developed a patient room environment control system for the Shepherd Center.

There has been some variation of onsite health care centers at all of the places I have done internships at. One company had a registered nurse on duty every day in their human resources office, and another place had its own clinic with a doctor on the staff. All of these were provided by the employer and free of charge to visit, but they didn't have the equipment to do any complicated tests or procedures, so those had to be done off-site with an insurance-backed health care plan. Regardless, my impression is that it's much more cost-effective for companies/schools to offer their own health care instead of sending on-duty employees off-site.

I would like to learn more about onsite health care centers from this class and to work on some project that could contribute in some way.