Hyungsin Kim

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I am a Ph.D. student in Human Centered Computing Program at School of Interactive Computing. I am interested in designing technology to influence the way people think, learn and act. I have been working on various projects/researches in Learning Sciences, Educational Technology, and Human Computer Interaction. My areas of interests are games for health, educational software, and tangible user interface. I received a B.A. in Educational Technology from Ewha Women’s University and an M.A. in Learning Sciences from Northwestern University.

You can reach me at hyungsin@gatech.edu

I have several good experiences with onsite health centers. Those are related to acute care (minor cuts, burns, and headaches). One of the key features of onsite clinics is offering visitors prompt treatments. However, I think that onsite clinics can be an excellent place for health promotion and prevention. In HCI, we always consider User Centered Design (UCD) principles. Users/visitors in onsite health centers have many common features. For example, if they work for IBM, they may have spent hours in front of the computers. So they want to prevent their eye disease or wrist and arm pain. Therefore, I think that we can take advantages of using onsite clinics to promote health prevention programs.

I am excited to learn and work collaboratively in order to create innovative design solutions of current on-site health centers.