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HealthQuest System

HealthQuestLogo small.png

Members: Hyungsin Kim, Lauren Calvert, Tina Lee and Matthew Swarts

Executive Summary

HealthQuest: Ubiquitous Technology to Motivate Employee Wellness

Maintaining healthy employees has been shown to increase productivity and reduce company operating costs. Opening an Onsite Health Center to manage employee wellness provides basic healthcare services. However, a problem remains in the sedentary behaviors which lead to obesity, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. The purpose of the project is to develop a mixed reality system (HealthQuest) based on kiosks and web interfaces that will provide a new approach to motivate employees’ physical activity in the workplace.

The HealthQuest System uses the combination of interactive kiosks and personal monitoring via the web through an easy to follow points system. The HealthQuest System focuses on getting employees to walk and engage in physical activity during their time at work. By taking a few extra minutes on their usual walk to the coffee machine or trip to the restroom, employees achieve the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity per day.

Final Report

File:HealthQuest FinalReport.pdf


Rendering of HealthQuest Mock-up

Constuction process

Assembly Process

Final Physical mock-up

Open House







Proposal File:Wellness Team.pdf

Final File:HealthQuest PPT.pdf