HeaLit: Purpose Based Lighting System

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Abstract: A lighting system that automatically adjusts the lights in an encounter/exam room to the appropriate settings based on the comfort needs of the patient and the task performed by the clinician

Environment: Patient Comfort and Functionality for Clinician

Create different scenarios of lighting to accomodate different uses and different patient needs. The lighting characteristics will be adjusted according to color temperature and rendering index. Scenarios can include: general uses, special examinations that requires high rendering index, and even the imitation of sunlight.

Background Research

Light planes create less shadows and give even distribution of light.


Currently, exam rooms provide one light setting; however, exam rooms on work site clinics are being utilized for multiple purposes. The current lighting system doesn’t accomadatefor the needs of these multiple settings.


A lighting system that can be adjusted based on the purpose of the room. This entails adjusting the light over the 4 areas: exam, general, work station, and entry based on its use. We need to determine the literature that identifies the appropriate light setting for each area and purpose.


We are suggesting a light plane as our main light source that is controlled by preset buttons/knob that selects the appropriate light setting for the use.

The scenarios would be:

1. General

2. Waiting 1: Sunlight

3. Waiting 2: Relaxing

4. Task Light - Examination

5. Task Light - Consultation

See Presentation for Nov. 10th for floor plans with scenarios.

Materials Needed

1. Christmas Lights in (2) White, (2) Amber, and (2) Blue ($3 each)

2. (2) Task Lights ($15 each)

3. (3) Foam Boards ($3.50 each)

4. (20) Acrylic Tiles ($9.00 each)

5. (4) Dimmers ($57.00 each)

6. (1) Remote Control ($66.00)

7. (3) Wire Extensions ($11 each)

Budget Total: $600