Gourab Kar

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About me

I am pursuing my Masters in Industrial Design at Georgia Tech. I have an undergraduate degree in architecture and have worked in the design profession for a couple of years before joining Tech. Looking forward to an exiting semester !

My understanding of a Health Center

A health center is probably the first point of contact between a patient and a medical professional in case of a medical condition. It is probably the smallest unit in the healthcare infrastructure and understanding its dynamics will enable us to design a more distributed system of healthcare delivery. Being a novice in this field, i am excited about learning more on this topic through this class.


Its is interesting that while there is a serious debate in this country about the healthcare system and proposed reforms, we as a class are getting together to look at one of the building blocks of the healthcare system. In my experiences back home in India as well as in the US, i have had my fair share of visits to a health center. They have ranged from government run health clinics, with too many patients to cater to free of charge, to privately funded alternatives with a much better doctor-to-patient ratio and a correspondingly larger bill to pay. I have also been to privately run non-profit health centers that try to combine the best of both systems, but are too few to make a wide impact. I would love to understand the inter-relation of technology, design and business in the health sector and apply the learning to make the world a better place.