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Short Bio

My name is Brett LaBrecque. I am currently a Masters student at the Georgia Institute of Technology pursuing a degree in Health Systems. I also earned a bachelor's degree from Georgia Tech in Biomedical Engineering in the Spring of 2009. During my undergraduate experience, I was given the opportunity to complete a number of design projects ranging from a vascular thermal regulation system to a diabetic lancing device. I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge I developed through these design projects to a more large-scale project like the one outlined in this course.

Experience with On-Site Health Centers

While I have little to no experience with on-site health centers (really just a couple visits to the Georgia Tech Student Health Center), I have obtained a wide variety of clinical experience through various shadowing and volunteer activities. I have gained exposure to health centers ranging from large, urban hospitals to small, rural clinics. Some of the more notable experiences I have had are listed below:

Grady Memorial Hospital - Orthopedic Operating Room

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Egleston - Family Library, Neurology Dept., Special Care Dept., Operating Rooms

Center for Family Psychiatry - Small psychiatric clinic in Tyrone, GA

Caring Hands Health Clinic - Small free clinic which caters to the uninsured located in Cleveland, GA in the North Georgia Mountains

I feel that although my experience with on-site health centers is limited, my experiences in other clinics will provide me with the insight needed for this class. I look forward to working on this project and expanding my knowledge of on-site clinics.

Contact Information


Alternate Email:

Telephone: (678) 612-2642