Aug 30 - Hughes Spaulding Visit

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  • No blood bank, No morgue - Sickel Cell requires transfusions, Has high mortality
  • Small and dingy corridors
  • Feels like a hospital (scary)
  • Colors used without a theme - trying too hard
  • Single entrance for everyone
  • Elevators barely enough for patient transport
  • Most busy departments OPD, Trauma have least space
  • Common long tunnel across to Gradys


  • Segregation of traffic
  • Better lighting - natural or artificial
  • Reallocation of space to busy departments
  • Universal color theme
  • Pneumatic system for Blood products
  • Wardside Mini Labs


  • Leslie from HKS Architecture Firm

Different consultants for Aesthetic, Mechanical and Clinical design. Disease specific campus. First floor - main loby, OPD Second Floor Asthma and Sickel Cell, Third Floor IPD. Urgent care clinic, Walk in clinic and Appointment clinic share space. Most people under stress are illiterate. The real challenge is to take the hospital from 1951-2010 over a weekend with no disruption of services. 24 beds in the new compund. NO BLOOD BANK NO MORGUE.

  • Roscoe-Security manager

Hospital started in 1952 for the African Americans. Closed for renovation in 1989. Reopened as a childrens hospital. The new unit is coming up by next year. He has worked here for 18 years and is equally excited and apprehensive about the transition since he knows this place inside out. HUGS or Infra protection system which locks doors and elevaotors if a child is wandering out of the complex. This seems essential in context of substance abuse cases with low compliance. Most patients come in by bus and not all can read English.

  • Doctor from Duke Medical School

Had just joined the hospital some months back. Did not like the lack of space for everything. There is no Diagnostic laboratory in the compund , not even a wardside one. The samples are transferred using pneumatic pumps. Both of us agreed that all samples can not be stored for such long periods Egs Blood Gases.

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