Amaya C. Labrador

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I am a Master of Architecture student and this is my first semester at Tech. I have two undergraduate degrees from the University of Puerto Rico: Sociology ('08) and Enviormental Design ('09). In my spare time I make steampunk jewelry.

On-site Health Center Reflection:

The first session of this class was the first time I had actually given any thought to "Onsite health centers'. Although my undergraduate school (UPR) had a on-site facility, I never had to use it (the ocassional Xacto-finger accidents were never serious).

In researching the subject, I found these two links useful [1] [2]

I have found that the communication between onsite health centers and regular health providers seems to be lacking; however, this is not a problem architectural in nature. As a project, I propose to design a mobile, semi-temporary health center to be used in disaster and pandemic situations, perhaps constructed inside shipping containers.

Class Reflections:

08.18 This class was not what I expected! All I had to go on was the course title, and seeing it as "ARCH", I was surprised to find that it was inter-disciplinary!

08.27 The visit to the Stamps Health Center was a very enlightening experience for me... All my life I have been the 'patient', and now I get to see the other side of things. This class is the first step towards orienting my career into the health sector, and I have to say... what a start! This visit had my mind going at a thouthand miles per hour... I was evaluating, re-designing, moving things around...