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Surabhi.jpg Thats me :-)

I am Surabhi, Masters Computer Science Student at Tech. Healthcare is new to me, and I am passionate about what this course has to offer. I hope to learn something interesting in this class. Computer Science, in general, interests me a lot; and music follows right after :)

Literature Survey: Critical Care Beds

We had to make a pecha kucha on Critical beds. We analysed and studied different kinds of beds, their purpose, applications and importance. InTouch and Epic II are two kinds of beds manufactured by Stryker that we studied. Critical care beds assist in the recovery and treatment of patients and aid to the comfort of a patient. Unprecedented functions such as built in calculator and converter, integrated multi-language translations, and patient weight history graphing help provide the care giver with more critical information right at the bedside.

Field Observation and Analysis - Visit to Piedmont and Scottish Rite Hospital

We visited these two hospitals and were asked to identify issues/problems on which we could work as semester projects. One problem that was predominant was that all documents and patient health records were maintained on paper. We believe that using electronic documents would help cut down on the use of paper and at the same time would assist in easier maintenance of the records. Patients should also be given access to these records easily. Maintaining all these records in a central database would solve these issues. Many other issues were being identified such as follows: - Making frequent visits to the inventory - Cluttered ICUs, etc.

Project: Correctness of Handoffs

I am now working on the project titled Correctness of Handoffs. Dr. Jeremy Ackerman has been our guide. We are planning a visit to Emory hospital to meet Dr. Ruthie Lamn, who will give us insights into the problems that can occur because of incorrect handoffs. Patient handoffs are critical and dealing with them in a correct and efficient way is one of the crucial aspects that we are trying to solve. We plan to introduce an SBAR-like format into the oral handoff and then verify it against the information stored in a central database.


Class Reflections

9/7/2010 - We came across some interesting presentations on this day. There is a lot of scope for further improvements in the ICU's and the students demonstrated it very well through projects ranging from solutions for ICU Entrance, Critical Care Beds, Patient Handoffs, etc. Many guests visiting us appreciated our effort towards improving and verifying Patient Handoffs. The projects about Critical Care Beds and ICU Entrance got me interested. All in all, the open house gave us a good opportunity to learn about interesting advances and opportunities that can be implemented in the ICU's of the future.