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Hi, I am a first year master student in Health Systems. As you could see from my face, I am a Chinese girl. My major in undergraduate school is Industrial Engineering. I have learned many IE tools and hope to apply them to health care industry. Previously I have an internship in a Chinese hospital. My primary task was to construct a ICD database with an easy-to-use operating interface. This work facilitates their data management process.

Interesting things about me: I am a good cook with great passion!!! I fail in all sports involving balls...

Course Reflection 8.24 This presentation introduces many new ideas to me. When I studied Industrial Engineering in undergraduate school, I took courses like Human Factors that may also concerns with topic of design. But at that time, we mainly learned about design principles in general; while in this course, what is discussed is usually the ongoing research and even what is just happenning in hospitals. It is quite interesting to see the new changes and to learn the real need for improvement. I really like this course and hope to actively participate in it.

Course Reflection 8.26 I have gone to hospitals in China for many times and even had an internship with one of them. However during my couple of weeks in US, I have never been in a hospital (thanks God). The presentation given by Prof. Cowan provided me a good opportunity to learn how hospitals in US are organized. Even though hospitals look alike, there do exist some difference. Also from this presentation, I got an idea about how ICU functions, which I was not familiar with before. Later doctor Ackerman talked more about ICU in detail.

Doctor Ackerman quoted some words from Arthur D.Kellerman, which left me deep impression. Doctors in ICU do endure great pressure in their everyday work, because ICU is quite special. The special significance of ICU not only means that we need to improve it, but also means that all people, engineers, designers and doctors, must consider again and again before they could actually put a change into practice.

Course Reflection 9.7 Our topic is infection in health care environment. Since I learn Industrial Engineering in my undergraduate school, I have special interest in improvement. So, I mainly focus on those improvement stories which happened in real practice. From these stories, I learn how much hospitials care about the infection problem and what they have done to make progress.

Besides what I learn myself, this presentation did offer a great opportunity for us to share ideas and to learn things widely and efficiently. So many topics come in such a short of time. It is quite exciting in the class, but I really think I need some time after class to do a review.

Another things I must mention is that this is my first time to give a presentation before so many native spearkers using English. From papers searching to presentation preparation, I felt great pressure and made great efforts. I feel happy, since the result seems not bad. Also, this my first time to participate in a group project in US, communicating and cooperating with students from India and the States. I really gained a lot from this experience. Thank you guys!