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About Me:

I am currently a firt year masters in health systems student. I am doing research on evidence based design with Mr. Cowan and am also working as a GRA at Shepherd Center in Atlanta. I am very interested in quality improvement in hospitals.

My bachelor's degree was in Industrial Engineering at Tech with a concentration in economic decision analysis. As an undergraduate, I interned at a manufacturing plant, AstenJohnson, implementing lean manufacturing principles and at Emory University Hospital Midtown, assisting with process improvement and CPOE implementation.

I am looking forward to this course because I feel strongly that there should be hospitality within a hopsital (Shepherd is a good example of this). I enjoy the idea of hospitals becoming warm and welcoming, like a hotel, rather than a cold, sterile environment. I feel that this environment is changing within hospitals, but the ICU is the last to change due to its nature of being a very somber and clean environment.


9-7-10: I felt that the presentations were very interesting. I really liked the bed design suggestion with the upright positioned bed. There is a lot of potential for improvements and innovation within the icu, because based on pictures, it looks like a high stress environment and any improvements to the flow and design would be a nice change. I am interested in how our project evolves, especially with the E-ICU, which is a new territory as far as care delivery. I don't know how large of an impact the universal room would have since it is based on changing a floor's layout and not just technological improvements.