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About me

I am a Graduate Student in Computer Science department at Georgia Tech. I intend to specialize in Computer Networks. I completed my Bachelors in Information Technology from University of Pune, India. I expect to complete my graduation in December 2010.

I developed interest in the health care field while working on a project during my summer internship. Since my parents are doctors back home in India, I am familiar to the hospital environment. Through this course, I expect to learn more about heath care and contribute towards the betterment of the field.

Class Reflections

08/26/2010: I realized how much effort and thinking goes into the design of an ICU. Various factors like visibility, accesibility and general ergonomics are critically important in the design of an ICU. It was great listening to Dr. Ackerman's experiences in the ICU.

08/31/2010: Details about EBD, spread of infections and the importance of nature views to the patient rooms . Pretty exited at the opportunity of working in a diverse group on topics related to ICU.

09/02/2010: More on design issues of ICUs regarding the head walls, alarms, patient lifts, discharge and adaptable rooms.

09/07/2010: Presentations Day! All the groups did a great job and it was fascinating to know about different things that the groups had worked upon. Got to learn a lot about little things which I considered 'not so important' until then. The presentations on 'Clinical Documentation' and 'Critical Care Beds' were interesting.