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ME! (E-mail: karsten.jensen@gatech.edu)

My name is Karsten Moelgaard Jensen and I am from Denmark, more exactly a city called Aarhus. There I study Healthcare Technology at Engineering College of Aarhus[1]. I was here in Atlanta in the spring on a study trip, where I met Ellen. She told about HSI and it sounded very interesting, so I asked if it would be possible to get an internship here, which is a compulsory part of our education.

I find the area of telemedicine[2] interesting.

Lecture Reflections

My work with Healthcare Technology:

1st Semester project:

A Java application that could be used by people to keep track of how their FEV, oxygen saturation and pulse develop after they have quit smoking, and in this way keep the motivation, because of a positive development.

2nd Semester project:

Electrically amplifying and filtering a signal from a blood pressure transducer, after which the signal was digitized and processed in LabVIEW, where an application was made that could determine diastolic and systolic pressure, calibrate and save the signal.

3rd Semester project:

An ECG-signal was to be transmitted from a PC – at a patient’s home - to a database, where a doctor would be able to get the signal and survey it via a Java application, which had an alarm in the case of an arrhythmia or an ST depression.

4th Semester project:

A Health Technology Assessment made for Pathological Institute, Aarhus University Hospital, concerning use of virtual slides at clinical-pathological conferences.

Other things

In high school I worked part time two years as a clerk at a kiosk and gift shop at a hospital.

I like to cook/bake, but it is expensive here in the US.