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Current group name

From Family With Love

Group members and emails

Chih-PIn Hsiao - Architecture -

Mengdie Hu - Human-Centered Computing -

Takahiro Ito - Architecture -

Thomas Roh - Health Systems -

Current problem statement

An ICU room caters to very sick patients that need constant surveillance, uninterrupted care, and a very clean environment. Patients usually stay in an ICU for extended periods of time. Patients feel like they are in an alien environment that does not have any sense of familiarity for them. Family members have been proven positive factors in the outcomes of these patients. Many times it is not possible for family members to stay in the patients room at all times because they have other obligations such as work, children to watch, etc. Also, family and friends may be in distant locations where it is not possible to make visits often. Patients need to know that their loved ones care about them and empathize. They want to know that their family and friends are thinking about them, and are hope that they will become healthy and active again.


The proposed solution is to create an interface which is easily manipulated by the patient and easy for the family to add things to. The interface will be displayed on a white screen as part of the ICU room. Pictures and messages can be added to the interface. The software will then organize these photos and messages. The display will be able to be turned on and off and projected onto the ceiling for privacy. Simple manipulations using a trackball will allow the patient to pull into a larger view the desired messages and photos. This will help let the patient know that their family is thinking of them and the pictures will give them a sense of home.

Description of the solution with relevant sketches


1. One Projector

2. One Canvas (43” x 57”)

3. Hanging fixtures 4. A patient bed on Open House day

5. trackball

7. A Computer

Design Criteria

The white screen will be placed onto the ceiling and we will use front projection.

Criteria for interface Design

The interface will have a floating display of photos and messages that the patient can scroll over and click. Once the object is clicked it will be pulled into a larger view. Several different presentations of the images will be tested to determine which is ideal.

Work plan

Most of the time team members will work individually but will discuss in time and make decision together.

11/12 - 11/18

1. Create an interface for organizing the photos and messages. The interface is just for trial runs. Later other features will be added/adjusted.
2. Create a webpage for uploading the family photos and messages. We will use flickr API.
3. Buy the materials needed for projecting the interface onto the screen.

11/19 - 11/25

1. Build the frame/fixture for holding the white screen.
2. Test run the initial interface and decide on what options to add.
3. Test run the webpage for uploading the photos and messages.

11/26 - 12/02

1. Refine the final product and do further testing to assure the product works.
2. Start making the brochures and posters.

12/03 - 12/09 prepare for the demo

1. Finish the brochures and posters.
2. Practice the presentation for the final week.

Resources needs

1. One Projector (can probably borrow)

2. One Canvas (43” x 57”) (need to purchase, 20)

3. Hanging fixtures (need to purchase ~$30)

4. A patient bed on Open House day (borrow, also need to borrow a pick-up truck) ~ $30 - $60

5. trackball (borrow)

7. A Computer (borrow)

Main faculty coach you request


Draft outline for the final report



ICU rooms often are dreary, alien environments to patients. From Family with Love is an interface for these patients that allows the patient's family and friends to build a "home" atmosphere in the ICU room. Family and friends can upload pictures and messages, which are then organized and presented to the patient with a projector and screen built into the patient's room. The interface is non-intrusive to the patient's care, clean, and easy to use for both patient and family.

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