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Group Name

Family Matters!


A structured communication and interaction facilitator. Family matters! provides a way through which patient family members can efficiently interact with the health care team in a structured, predefined manner that is also flexible. Our platform provides a relatively easy way for both the family members and the health care team to either request or input information that they deem important to the care of the patient, at their convenience.

Group members and e-mails

Frank Crittenden -

Lauren Hess

Victor Ondego -

Problem statement

Family Members are currently not effective care team participants. It is usually difficult for family members to interact with clinicians to discuss the care plan for their family member. In addition, clinicians who are operating in an environment that does not support family and patient centered care do not make additional time to discuss these needs with family members. Some obstacles to effective communication that consequently hinder the ability of family members to effectively participate, includes issues such as a lack of a structured mode of communication and access to unequal amounts of information between the family members and the health care staff.

Description of the solution with relevant sketches

Description of the solution - refer to mind map. We are going to create a tool that will help to facilitate and effectively structure communication between family members and clinicians. This tool will ideally be running on a touch screen TV so that it will have other functions besides operating our solution. We will be developing different scenarios to run in the demo that will highlight the functionality of our solution.

File:Family-Clinician Communication.pdf

File:Screen Mockups.pdf

Work plan

Milestones for each class between now and Dec 9, all team members have been and will continue to contribute to all aspects of this solution. Lauren is focused on operational issues and process improvements. Victor is focused on technology (hardware and software) and interface design. Frank is developing the interface structure and content, and coordinating further investigation with clinicians. We will distribute work during each group meeting time.

11/16 - finalize scenarios and visit Emory ICU

11/18 - Develop content for scenario 1

11/23 - Finalize scenario 1 and develop scenario 2

11/30 - Finalize scenario 2 and develop 3 and 4

12/2 - Finalize scenario 3 and 4

12/7 - Finalize all scenarios and test demo

12/9 - Demo Day!

Resource needs

Our proposed system would be run on a large (36”-42”) touch-screen flat panel TV which we would recommend be installed on the footwall in the patient room. These cost approximately $3,500.

If a touch screen flat panel is not available, we can run the demo on a regular flat panel display - again, 36”-42” preferred. If one is available at HSI or in surplus, we can use that unit. A new unit would cost approximately $800-1,000.

If a large flat screen is not available, the demo will run on any typical computer monitor, but the bigger the better.

Main faculty coach you request

Dr. Ackerman, we believe that his clinical background will help to guide our content development and solution.

Draft outline of the final report

Problem statement

Literature review

Alternatives considered

Proposed solution

Expected benefits


Possible future work and improvements

Demo description

We will develop a demonstration version of the information application, including screen layout, content, and links. The scope of the information included is really only limited by the time available, so we will develop 3-4 “roles” or scenarios which will walk through the structure and capabilities of the system. The system will run through proposed solutions to the issues and needs expressed by the developed scenarios. This may include self-running and/or real-time access into the system.

Final Documents

Brochure File:FMbrochure.pdf

Poster File:FMposter.pdf

Paper File:FMpaper.pdf