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Group name

EduCare (Family - Clinician Communication)

Group members and emails

Shayna Brownstein (HS):

Wassa R Panont (ID):

Priyal Mehta (CS):

Akash Shah (CS):

Problem statement

Low family satisfaction because family members lack understanding of the condition, are not included in decision-making, and lack two-way communication with doctor.

Description of the solution with relevant sketches

EduCare is a multi-functional in-room communication support device and education tool to improve family satisfaction by enhancing 2-way information flow between doctors and family members. The in-room device is supported by an online platform that both family members and providers can access. Family members submit questions through the online platform. Doctors schedule family conference sessions, and before each session they pre-select the questions that will be answered. Sessions would ideally be scheduled every day or every other day. The doctor can add appropriate diagrams and educational materials before the session. After each session is recorded, it is uploaded to the History log and can be viewed remotely by any family members with access to the system.

One family member with complete access to the system will be designated as the Primary Family Coordinator, and will have the ability to manage the access of other family members.

EduCare will ensure that family members are educated about the medical condition and procedures. Even when the doctor is not in the room, they can access the educational materials on the EduCare device. The more knowledge family members have, the more they can be part of the decision-making process. Through the ability to submit questions, they will have a forum to have their opinions and concerns heard by the doctor. Also, family members who are not able to be present with the patient are still able to access the most up-to-date information on the patient’s status.

Product Features:

  • Web-cam, microphone, speakers
  • Touch-screen
  • Video-conferencing technology
  • Records pre-scheduled conversations with family members
  • Allows for video-conferencing with doctor if family members can’t be present
  • Conversations can be replayed in-room or by family members remotely
  • Most commonly asked questions bubble to the top of doctor’s viewing screen
  • Uses voice recording technology (Dragon) to transcribe, tags based on certain key words, automatically organizes conversations
  • Doctors can pre-load documents, diagrams, educational materials, x-rays/CT for in-room or remote family viewing
  • Distinct Interfaces:
 * Session management for clinicians
 * Session play-back, question and learning forums for family members
 * In-room session recording

Ideation Sketch:

EduCare 01 n.jpg

Work plan

EduCare WorkPlan.jpg

Resources needs

[Person in charge: Wassa Panont]

Wall Panel x1 - (HSI)

Touch Screen x1 - (HSI)

Camera Module w/Built-in Mic x1 $25

Main faculty coach you request

Prof. Ellen Do

Demo Description

  • Product explanation and role playing (doctor - family members)
  • Mock in-room session recording
 * pre-recorded video
 * simulation of new session
  • Demonstration of online portal

Final Design

Educare Context Scenario.jpg

Draft outline for the final report


Problem being tackled

Proposed solution

Literature survey

Requirement specification

Project description

User classes

(Who are the end users of the system. Different roles like physician, primary family contact, other family members, etc.)

User interfaces required

(Which user interfaces do we want)

Functional requirements

(Functions to be provided by each module)

Resources required

System design

System design

Wassa's sketches

User interfaces

Various user interfaces

Back-end description

Description of how things are stored on the back-end and how the UI interacts with the back-end

Summary and Conclusion


Future work