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3rd year Masters of Industrial Design student with an undergrad in ID as well. This semester is my last at Tech, I'm done with all the coursework but just a few more electives to take care of. I have working (as well as teaching) experiences in Product Visualization, and that means the Sketch Monkey is here!! What got me into medical design? Honestly, I haven't discovered my interest in this particular industry until last year. I took the "Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing" class where I got a chance to work on "Self-management Device for Children with Asthma" project under Prof.Abowd's supervision. That project opened up my whole new career horizon. Now I'm not only designing eye-catching objects, but instead, looking at a more practical and serviceable side of design. More about me?...I'm Thai, of Thai-Chinese-Portuguese descent. I am a big-time travel addict, it keeps my inspiration going. I've been to 31 countries so far and still counting. I also collect guitars, license plates, and beer cans.

Check out my online portfolio [1], and my Photo Albums [2].