Virtual Concierge: Visitor Orientation and Access

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Current group name

Virtual Concierge: Visitor Orientation and Access

Group members and emails

Ross Westlake –

Kruti Shah –

Samrudhi Patil -

Lesley-Anne Harris -

Current problem statement

It's hard for the entry of Intensive Care Units to be welcoming, secure, and easily findable. We will explore the elements of an ICU’s entry point and find a solution that will make it easier to find and welcoming, but still secure. It needs to incorporate clear, simple way finding, as well as communicate important directions or concerns to both the first time visitor, as well as the repeat visitors - who may have different needs.We plan on focusing our attentions on adult ICUs.

Description of the solution with relevant sketches


Work plan

milestones for each class between now and Dec 9, with a description of what each person will do:

Nov. 7 – Nov 13

Try to get working the touch screens for the Kiosk, Work on assigned tasks, Start planning the Presentation – Tuesday

Continue the work on the touch screens, work on assigned tasks, Refine Final Presentation idea

Nov 14 – Nov 20

Start Use-Case Development, Work on assigned tasks, Start Report Presentation planning – Tuesday

Continue to work on Use-Case, Refine Report Presentation, Start system development – Thursday

Nov 21 – Nov 27

System Integration and Testing, Finalize Use-Case Development, Refine Report Presentation, Start work on the Final Presentation – Tuesday

Thanksgiving Week

Nov 28 – Dec 2

Tentative Meeting Date – Sunday Construction & Testing of Prototype, Refine Report Presentation – Tuesday

Construction & Testing Prototype, Refine Report Presentation, Turn-in Project – Thursday

Resources needs

Materials, input, expertise and who on your team will be responsible for acquiring them; Use of the black touch screen at HSI Ideally an RFID reader & cards, though we are still looking for a low cost source Powerpoint software, other off the shelf programs 1 4x8x4" rigid foam sheet to help construct door - $20 1 medium RTA cabinet from Ikea to house pc & mount touch screen $85 Misc Hardware for modification - $10 Ross Westlake to acquire

Main faculty coach you request

Dr. Craig Zimring

Draft outline for the final report

Project will explore progressive concepts for ICU entrance, including the doors and access sytem, as well as utilization of RFID & computer touch screen to welcome and strategically communicate to the visitor, grant access, and maintain security. Physically we anticipate having a 3/4 size visual of the access doors, as well as a working mockup of the patient interaction screen mounted in a kiosk. Supplemental materials will illustrate and expand on the ideas & principles behind the display.