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Hello everyone, I'm wanlin, originally from China. Now I'm a 2nd year master student in the School of Industrial Design.

I have a degree of engineering specialized in Precision Instruments and Mechanology. Sounds complex? Ok, you just think about any machine or instruments that need precise movement, that's it. So it is related to medical instruments and systems.

What I learnt from last year was mainly about skills and some kind of method. This year is the real graduate study for me! Exciting! But I don't know what I'm gonna to do in the future, honestly. Since I'm always care about people's health, and I was really afraid to go to hospital, I really want to improve the experience of patients in hospitals. Also, I am looking forward to work with people who have different backgrounds, not only academic experiences but also culture backgrounds.

Till now I am quite informed with the lectures, so many unfamiliar professional words. I need to digest and build these information so that I could prepare myself to work on those projects later on.

Nice to meet to you all.