Transition Space Design for NICU

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Current group name

Transition Space Design for NICU

Group members and emails

Wanlin Xiang:

Siming Mao:

Pallavi Dheram:

Current problem statement

succinct "elevator" talk that provides the specific problem that you're solving:

Due to neonates' immature immune system, NICU is a high risk area for developing infections. Family visiting management is an important part of infection control in NICU. According to field observation, the existing infection control measures in NICU have not fully considered the special restrictions on light and noise in NICU and the needs from family visitors.

Literature Review: File:Literature review.pdf

Description of the solution with relevant sketches


Work plan

milestones for each class between now and Dec 9, with a description of what each person will do:



Resources needs

materials, input, expertise and who on your team will be responsible for acquiring them; THIS NEEDS TO APPROVED BEFORE ANY PURCHASES

MS Visio, 3d Max, Solidworks, Autodesk Showcase, Adobe Photoshop

Main faculty coach you request

David Cowan

Craig Zimring

Draft outline for the final report


Demo Description

The final demo will be presented in the form of 2D layout diagrams of the transition space, as well as a 3D simulation model video of the design of the space and the process of visitors visiting the patients.