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Tran-Space aims to design a transition space at the entrance of the NICU which ensures that a procedure be followed by nurses and visitors of patients, thus helping to control the risk of infections in the NICU. Due to neonates' immature immune system, NICU is a high risk area for developing infections. Family visiting management is an important part of infection control in NICU. Tran-Space provides a centralized area wherein activities like record-keeping of visitors, hand-washing before entering the NICU, giving visitors a general awareness of the kinds of infections and infection-control measures that they should follow, etc. can take place. Two key points in this design are the design of layout of the space and the redesign of family visiting process. We will provide a 3-D simulation model to present our final design.


Flyer: Media:Transpace flyer.jpg

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Report: Media:Transpace report.pdf