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Here is our group-topic forming exercise.

  • Each Person should put down your full name, your discipline, and numbers 1 and 2 on different topics to indicate your preference.
  • Right now, each topic is a problem statement that can be further defined by the to-be-formed team.

For example, in the below scenario, Bob picked Topic A as his first choice, and Topics B the second -

- Topic A: Bob Johnson (HCI-CS, 1), Mary Smith (Health Systems 2) - Topic B: Jay Stewards (CS 1), Bob Johnson (HCI-CS, 2), Lily Young (HS 1)

  • If you already have a team together, please write down the team name and all the info about the team members too

- Topic C: Team Hot Shot - Ashley Ginger (HS), Ben Stone (CS), Carl Roger (BC) -1, - Topic D: Mark Wise (ECE 1), Roger Thompson (CS 2)

  • Please input your preference before Thursday October 14th 9 am.

Then your professors would look at the balance of the disciplines and expertise to announce the team compositions.

Before the end of the day on Thursday, Oct 14 - each person should have a team and a topic, and each team is expected to present on October 21st, Thursday a short 5 minute presentation that includes (1) further definition of the problem statement, (2) at least 5 references about the topic, and (3) at least 2 possible alternative solutions for the problem.

Post your presentation at the Project 5 on

Here are the topics - problem statements for the final projects.

Please follow the instruction above to add your name (or the name of your team and the team members) You are welcome to add notes under any topic to make it more specific and focused. (site specific, task specific, etc)

Families are not often effective care team participants

Team: Lauren Hess (HS), Frank Crittenden (architecture), Victor Ondego (HCI-CS) - 1

Patients and family members lack effective ways of communication if not present.

Team : Pradnyesh Gore(HCI-CS) , Mandar Samant(CS), Asmita Karandikar(CS)

Team : Nikhil Bagewadi (HCI-CS) , Ameya Nerurkar (HCI-CS), Satyajit Deshmukh (CS)

Team : Chihpin Hsiao (Arch, 1), Mendie Hu (HCC-CS), Takahiro Ito (Arch), Thomas Roh (HS)

Akash Shah (CS, 1) , Priyal Mehta (CS-2)

Team: Ramakrishnan C H (CS), Siddharth Gupta (CS), Surabhi Satam(CS)

Clinician and family members lack effective ways of communication if not present.

Team: (with focus on NICU) - Sukanya Bhattacharya (Architecture -2), Sarah Manning(HS), Stephanie-Allen-Wang(HCI-CS), Temidayo Yembra(CS) - 2

Team: Shayna Brownstein (HS-1), Wassa Panont (ID, 2), Akash Shah (CS, 2), Priyal Mehta (CS, 1)

Renovating non-ICU rooms for ICU use sometimes prohibits direct patient visibility

Kushal Waghmare (CS-1), Ann Rogers (Architecture-1)

It's difficult for nurses to chart while performing other activities and taking care of patients.

Musheer Ahmed (CS)

Too many different devices are used to input data.

Team : Busra Ergun(IE-HS), Ran Zhou(ID), Grace Shin(CS)

Many alarms cause confusion and lack of response.

Raw data (alarms, bio sign, etc) in ICU is confusing and hard to understand. (for family members, clinicians)

It's hard for the entry of Intensive Care Units to be welcoming, secure, and easily findable.

Lesley-Anne Harris (HS, 1), Kruti Shah(HCI-CS 1), Ross Westlake (Arch, 1)

Waste disposal in ICU rooms are unsightly, inefficient use of space and potentially unsafe.

Amyruth Stevens (Arch, 1), Leang Chhun (HS, 1), Chauncey Myshkin (ID, 1)

It's hard for nurses to keep monitoring patiences while doing other tasks (e.g., gathering material, care process)

It's hard to keep track of supplies. How to maintain convenient access and storage and not waste supplies.

Team: Sukanya Bhattacharya (Architecture -1), Sarah Manning (HS), Stephanie-Allen-Wang(HCI-CS), Temidayo Yembra(CS) - 1

Busra Ergun(HS, 2)

How to reduce medication errors?

Nursing floor needs visibility and access to all ICU rooms.

A large percentage of alarms are false in an ICU

Members: Adriana Fuentes(CS,1), Jeffrey Jopling(HS,1),, Lars Christensen(HS,1), Karsten M. Jensen(HS,1)

ICU Storage is inefficient

Members: Geetanjali Ningappa(BC,1), Maxim Spivakovsky(Econ,1), Luxmi Saha(CS,1), Akshay Joglekar(CS,1).

Communication of patient status, history, and plan of care across care teams at transfer of care frequently results in errors and loss of important patient information.

Team : Nikhil Bagewadi (HCI-CS) , Ameya Nerurkar (HCI-CS), Satyajit Deshmukh (CS)

Team : Pradnyesh Gore(HCI-CS) , Mandar Samant(CS), Asmita Karandikar(CS)

Team: Ramakrishnan C H (CS), Siddharth Gupta (CS), Surabhi Satam (CS)