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Hi,my name is Sukanya Bhattacharya and I'm a first year M.Arch student at Georgia Tech, College of Architecture. I did my undergraduate in Architecture from India. After completion of my course I worked in a core Architectural firm for 2 years, where I was a part of a research team working on two Health Care projects.

Having got the opportunity to work on two diverse projects while my professional practice, I realized that there is a difference between healthcare design for hospitals catering to the new booming IT workforce, high income group individuals and the design for hospitals in tier 2 and tier 3 towns. JCAHO and other accreditation bodies have laid down norms for quality healthcare but what about healthcare design that would need to cater to third world or developing nations. Or for those matters nations like India that is developing at a rapid pace but basic healthcare is yet to reach vast majority of the population; I.e. low income group, below poverty line group etc. Do we as designers have a norm to design a hospital that is at the grass root level? Can we develop norms for accreditation for basic but clean and quality healthcare provision and its design?

Keeping these questions in my mind I always wanted to explore the Health Care System of various countries. I believe, this class is going to give me a vast knowledge about the Health sector and all the researches going on this field to improve the Health Care System of USA. In later stage this knowledge and experience can help me to offer my country a better and healthier hospitality.

Apart from above, Architecture, in general, interests me a lot followed by dance 