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Hi I am Samrudhi, Masters student in Computer Science from India. This is my second year in US and enjoying my stay so far.

I am currently a Research Assistant with Department of Building Construction developing an iPhone application for the safety of Construction Workers.

The course HEF interested me for 2 main reasons:

1. My parents and my sibling are doctors and I have been brought up in a medical environment and have interest and understanding of the same.

2. I want to apply the field of Computer Science to cater to other areas.


I enjoy oil painting, travelling and outdoor sports.


I was assigned Group no 3 for the first task. One of the things that I liked about this task was that we were assigned teams randomly and as a result I had a chance to work with new people, understand their way of thinking and at the same time made new friends.

Our group prepared the following 2 topics:

1. How nurses spend time

2. Transforming care at bed side

Both the topics were interesting and we went through number of research papers to cite references and during this process i learnt many new things that came under these topics, far beyond my thinking. It also made me realize that they are not trivial topics and had a great impact on human life and well being.

Other teams too made presentation in the class and all did a great job. Presentation i.e. the pecha-kucha style made the topics interesting, brief and easy to understand. We covered a large variety of topics and had a great learning experience.

Overall I gained knowledge related to the healthcare area and coming from a CS background, I specially found the class more resourceful and making me aware of the difficulties and concerns in day to day life in hospitals and the research going on in the healthcare area.