Nurse Digital Assistant

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Current group name

Nurse Digital Assistant

Group members and emails

Musheer Ahmed - Computer Science -

Busra Ergun - Health Systems -

Ran Zhou - Industrial Design -

Grace Shin - Computer Science -

Current problem statement

Nurses spend too much time on documentation rather than taking care of patients.

Documentation process is not efficient.

The current digital devices do not work well:

1.Have different interfaces;

2.Have different ways to manipulate;

3.Require hand hold;

4.Not intuitive to use;

5.Without delicate appearance;

6.Recognition problems.

Description of the solution with relevant sketches

Wearable digital computing device





Screen display

Attachable body

Design Criteria


User friendly


Enable hands free

Enable audio input

Enable image capture

Intuitive to use

Flexible to use

Criteria for interface Design

Provide informative feedback


Use simple and natural dialog in user’s language

Provide shortcuts

Provide marked exits


Work plan

Most of the time team members will work individually but will discuss in time and make decision together.

11/12 - 11/18

develop design concept(Ran, Busra)

scenario description and communication with target users(Busra)

Interface design concept(Grace, Musheer)

11/19 - 11/25

refine concept(whole team)

prepare material and resource(whole team)

11/26 - 12/02

start building prototype(Ran)

Determine best current and research technologies that can be used to implement the functionality(Grace, Musheer)

Revise final report(Busra)

12/03 - 12/09 prepare for the demo

Build prototype and poser design (Ran, Busra)

Create poster with functions provided by the device, its user interface design and list current/research technologies used to implement functionality(Grace and Musheer)

Revise final report(whole team)

Resources needs

1. Material for prototype

2. Software: Photoshop

Main faculty coach you request

Mr. David Cowan

Draft outline for the final report

File:Final report outline.pdf

Describe your demo

We will provide a form study prototype of the nurse digital device, a mock of its user interface and describe the functions it would provide. Two posters will be created to illustrate the design and technologies used to implement functionality of this device.

Final Documents

Brochure Poster File:NDAteamposter.jpg