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week 1 (8/24, 8/26)

August 24

Introduction of the Healthcare Design courses and some sample past projects - Healthy Environment of the Future File:HealthcareDesign-overview-s.pdf (Ellen Yi-Luen Do)

  • homework - 1. create your personal profile page, 2. write down what you think happens in an ICU, and 3 write a reflection piece and any questions or concerns, 4. collect some the readings and post them in your page

August 26

David's presentation File:HS8803-Introduction to the Hospital.pdf.

What actually happened in ICU File:What actually happens in an ICU.pdf (Jeremy Ackerman)

week 2 (8/31, 9/2)

August 31

Presentation: Evidence based Design (Craig Zimring) File:EBD101.pdf

Group forming - please put your project team members, and the selected topics for literature survey in the project page

=week 4 (9/14, 9/16)

Field Observation Notebook - File:FieldObservationNotebook.pdf

week 16 (12/2, 12/4)

Final Presentations (VIP and Public Open House)

week 17 (12/9, 12/11)

Final report due 12/11

Related Readings:

On Healthcare Design

On Healthcare

On Technology

  • Nokia N800 Internet Tablet with Skype [1]
  • Hornof, A. J. & Cavender, A. (2005). EyeDraw: Enabling children with severe motor impairments to draw with their eyes. Proceedings of ACM CHI 2005: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, New York: ACM, 161-170. PDF file.