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Hi, I am a masters student in computer science. This is my second year at Georgia Tech. My main interests are networking, internet applications and application of computing science for the welfare of human race. Apart from studies I like to spend my time reading, art & craft, photography and learning tennis.

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Lessons learnt from today's lesson.

Light Impact Light has a big role in our life not only from the visual aspect but also through a biological aspect. Light has healing properties that helps in quick recovery of convalescing patients and helps in effective functioning of staff in hospitals. Light is also used in the treatment of few diseases. Natural light is the most preferred mode of light used since it is free and has natural healing properties.

Family and Communication Role of family is very important during the treatment of a patient because it stands as a boisterous support which work equally well like the medicines administered to the one who is ill. Often the family also undergoes the same amount of trauma as the patient. It is important to hold a sound communication between family members and the hospital staff as sometimes their intervention becomes necessary for the course of the treatment.