Lecture Reflections

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This was a very relevant lecture for me; it touched a lot of areas we have dealt with in our education.

- After bumping into a lot locked articles it was nice to learn that you can access them from the library.

- The knowledge that some movement/eating can look like an arrhythmia.

- That US scanners and such is so heavy because they have a large battery.

- I haven't been thinking much about smell and sickness before.. and even though it might be hard it could be fun to look into the area of making a device that could detect it, maybe before a human can smell it, and in that way give a alert.


- When it is possible I believe that alarms should use light instead of noise.

- I understand that it is bad when patients falls and get hurt, but don't keep them too long time in bed, it is an important thing to get up and move around.

- Maybe this is a bit far out, as I know it also blocks a lot of light, but.. The case where it wasn’t worse (or was it even better?) with the neighbor building instead of a green view, could that have something to do with reflection of light from the other building?