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Hi everybody, i'm having my internship at HSI which includes taking the class ICU of the future, something I find interesting because of the interdisciplinarity. I'm looking forward to learn a lot from you other participants; how you solve problems and in general create projects.

We (Karsten, Kent Würtz and I) were lucky to get some fundings from a danish company (Delta - to cover some of our expenditures and in the same correspodence we asked them if we could bring one of their body-sensors with us, to maybee use in projects over here. That they accepted and we are therefor trying to define a project where either a ECG- or EMG-sensor is connected to ICU of the future. Or maybee create a conceptual project in the category "remote patient monitoring", telemedicine, where the benefit is that the ICU can send patients back home earlier, because the wireless sensors enables realtime monitoring for the doctors...

As for the interesting thing about me; I like football/soccer and are looking forward to be watching american football and experience the atmosphere at a GT or Falcons game.

At the School of Engineering in Aarhus, Denmark, we're ending every semester with a project to give the theory a practical meaning. The following are the ones i've participated in;

1st Semester project WE made a Java application that could be used by people to monitor their FEV, oxygen saturation and pulse development after they stopped smoking and in this way keep their motivation high through the positive development.

2nd Semester project Electrically amplifying and filtering a signal from a blood pressure transducer, after which the signal was digitalized and processed in LabVIEW, where an application was made for determining diastolic and systolic pressure. Our job was also to calibrate and save the signal in the application.

3rd Semester project Telemedicine: We were presented with an ECG-signal, which was to be transmitted from a PC – at a patient’s home – to a database, where a doctor would be able to get the signal and survey it via a Java application that had an alarm in the case of an arrhythmia or an ST depression.

4th Semester project We made a Health Technology Assessment (HTA) made for Pathological Institute, Aarhus University Hospital, concerning use of virtual slides at clinical-pathological conferences.

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