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All Homework Assignments will be uploaded here. Please comeback later for more updates.

Week 1 (8/24, 8/26)

  • First week's assignment (1) create a personal member pages, (2) upload your reflection piece - as web page or a pdf document,
  • Each member should write a blog of their reflections after each day's class, how what they have learned that day (either from the lectures, readings, or case studies or from their team members or other disciplines), write about what's interesting, and what needs more clarification. Each person should also use their personal wiki page to add interesting readings, or annotated bibliography, post their sketches and ideas as well. Process is important, not just the final product. ;-)

Week 3 (9/7, 9/9)

  • project 1 presentation - Pecha-Kucha format

Upload the ppt slide to the Project page

Week 5 (9/21, 9/23)

  • project 2 problem statement - ppt format or text

Upload the problem statements to the Project page

Week 7 (10/5, 10/7)

  • project 3 presentation - Pecha-Kucha format - Field Observation report (problems and solutions)

Upload the ppt slide to the Project page