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Tuesday Aug. 18, 2009

I enjoyed the origami session and learning how it relates to working together. Initially I was skeptical about working with a mixed team but after meeting my team mates (Peter and Pei-Lin), I am really excited to start working. I am really excited to use my critical thinking skills to identify a problem and develop a solution. 8/18 - In today's class we folded oragami dumplings to show how different people/groups can work together. We also had a brief presentation on the topics to be discussed. It was a nice segway and introduction into the class and into the semester.

Thursday Aug. 20, 2009

Seeing past projects envigorate my excitement for the class. All of the projects had a lot of thought and creativity involved in them. I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty and creating an innovative solution!

Tuesday Aug. 25, 2009

Groups presented their research pertaining to on-site health clinics. Some of the groups found some very interesting research such as providing health care on ships. A lot of information was repetitive since the scope of the assignment was large and most groups took a similar appraoch.

Thursday Aug. 27, 2009

We visited the Student Health Center here on campus today. Taking a tour was very informative. I was surprised that the Center offered dental and vision services as well as women's health services. It would have been nice to see the center in operation to identify any problems.

Tuesday Sept. 3, 2009

Groups presented skits of an experience within a clinic. The goal was to identify some problem. Many skits were informative while others had some discrepencies (possibly from lack of experience in and knowledge of the setting)

Thursday Sept. 11, 2009

We spent our classtime brainstorming today. It was a little difficult brainstorming with the group since we immediately jumped to solutions rather than problems. It would have been helpful if the activity was a little more structured with some sort of tool to help us.

Tuesday Sept. 15, 2009

Ned Cooper from Comprehensive Health Services spoke to the class today. The information he provided pertained to what CHS does and their role in on-site health centers. He didn't really touch on any issues they may be experiencing but the insight on how on site health centers work was great background information.

Thursday Sept. 17, 2009

Groups presented their ideas they developed during their brainstorming session. A few of the groups got a little creative and ventured outside of on-site health centers. Personally, I am slightly confused as to what our scope of work is. I believe during once class it was mentioned for us to get creative and think of reaching communities other than works sites such as churches and community centers; however, when we present out of the box ideas we are informed to stay focused on on-site health centers.

Tuesday Sept. 22, 2009

After finishing the presentations, we discused our 2d graphics amongst our groups. The designers were to help non designers understand how to read floorplans and get an idea of scale. It will be a great exercise to do an in-depth analysis of floor plans.

Thursday Sept. 24, 2009

Joyce Bromberg from Steelcase Nurture gave a presentation on the process for design. My key take away was the importance of observation in a live setting. I think we are lacking this in our class and thus having difficulty identifying problems. Learning hwo to separate observations from opinions I think is going to be an important lesson learned as we proceed in this class especially for our field observations.

Tuesday Sept. 29, 2009

Dr. Zimring discussed programming today. I think it would have been useful if some of the tools he presented in the lecture today were given to us when we were brainstorming ideas of problems, particualry the matrix tool. I am glad we had a discussion on the status of the class.