Course Reflections

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I enjoyed the oragami project and listening to the previous semesters' projects. I am humbled that these projects were completed by my peers.


I was amazed to hear from Dr. Ackerman that the attending physician in the ICU would get ridiculed for asking for help. These stories make me thankful to have my health and not have the need to stay in a hospital. Maybe someone can help create a communcation system that can help change this culture.


Loved hearing about the EBD stories today. So far these classes have held my attention. I would like to see how we can create more randomized controlled trials in EBD for health care. I am also excited to be in a very diverse team and start researching our topics.


I was very impressed with my classmates today. This was a challenging assignment to deliver so much information in a short amount of time. Some presentations that stood out were the ones about noise fatigue, adapting rooms to meet the needs of hospitals vs adjusting rooms to meet the needs of the patient, and the convertible beds.