ATI Force Torque Sensors

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Models Used

  • EL-E: ATI Nano25 - with the SI-125-3 calibration. We use this sensor with the Controller FT system. This lets us get data from the sensors using a usb to serial converter and python code that we have written.
  • Cody: ATI Mini40 - with the SI-80-4 calibration. Meka has integrated this sensor into the ethercat bus on their torso. We get data using libraries supplied by Meka.

ATI FT Commands Manual


Changing the Baudrate with Minicom

Our driver for the ATI force torque sensors needs to know the baudrates of the controller boxes. To set the controller boxes' baudrates to the desired settings, we use minicom in Ubuntu Linux. Below are the steps needed to do so:

  • Install and launch minicom with:
 sudo apt-get install minicom
  • Change the serial communication settings by typing Ctr-A Z, o, "Serial port setup", set
    • "Serial Device"
    • Hardware flow control to off
    • Software flow control to off
    • the expected default baudrate. New ATI controller boxes have a baudrate of 9600. If you don't know what the baudrate is, guess.
  • Select "Save setup as dfl", then exit minicom and start it again.
  • Now you should see a prompt:
  • Try typing 'CB'. You should now see your current baudrate printed out:
 Baud Rate = 115200
  • If you see garbage characters then you are probably connected using an incorrect baudrate.
  • If all is well, set your desired baudrate with 'CB <YOUR_BAUDRATE>':
 CB 19200
  • Change your minicom default settings to connect with this new baudrate, then restart minicom.
  • After restarting, you should have a command prompt similar to before. Try executing 'CB' again to make sure that your settings are still correct. Then save your settings to the controller boxes' memory by executing:
  • If you want to confirm, then power cycle your controller boxes and make sure that you can still connect with the new baudrate.
  • Refer to the command manual for more information ( ATI FT Commands Manual)