Georgia Tech College of Architecture

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The College of Architecture is organized to support the entire spectrum of the U.S. design and building industry. In addition to our Architecture program, which was recently ranked fifth in the nation, we also have degree programs in Building Construction, City and Regional Planning (ranked second nationally), Industrial Design and Music.

In addition, we also enjoy a distinguished Doctoral Program, one of 17 design doctoral programs in the U.S., which covers all fields of the college, and a vigorous research program anchored by six research centers.

The college, committed to the life-long learning of our students, sponsors a diverse and growing continuing education program designed to address the needs of the design and building professions.

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Health Systems Institute

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The Health Systems Institute was created in 2005 as a multi-institutional and interdisciplinary initiative based at Georgia Tech and Emory University. HSI brings together the expertise of many disciplines at Georgia Tech and Emory to enable the development and implementation of novel interdisciplinary and collaborative research, education, and outreach programs to transform healthcare delivery systems and lead the nation away from an ineffective, reactive, disease-focused system to achieve a cost-effective, pro-active, health- and wellness-focused system.

The Institute's mission is to develop and implement novel multidisciplinary and collaborative research, education, and outreach programs to transform health care delivery systems and lead the nation away from an ineffective, reactive, disease-focused system to achieve a cost-effective, pro-active, health- and wellness-focused system. The Health and Biomedical Systems Program provides intellectual focus, international visibility, and sustained support for research in biomedical and health systems with an emphasis on disease modeling, treatment, management and control; delivery systems modeling and analysis; and information and decision support technologies for the creation, planning, and novel delivery of healthcare services.

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Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

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In 1998, Egleston Children's Health Care System and Scottish Rite Medical Center came together to form Children's Healthcare of Atlanta - one of the largest pediatric systems in the country. The new system had a single priority: children and families. In 2006, Children's assumed responsibility for the management of services at Hughes Spalding Children's Hospital - growing the system to three hospitals and seventeen satellite locations - all designed to better meet the needs of the community.

Our rich history inspires us to head into our next decade with an even stronger passion to ensure all children have access to the specialized care they need. With a combined history of more than 185 years of caring for Georgia's children, Children's embarks on this new beginning with an even stronger passion to ensure all children have access to the specialized care they need.

For decades, our hospitals have provided leading pediatric care in Georgia, but now Children' faces a mounting challenge. By 2010, the pediatric population in metro Atlanta is projected to grow by a record-breaking 120,000 children - one of the fastest rates of growth of any city in the nation. As Georgia's pediatric population grows, so does the demand for healthcare and programs that address the leading dangers to children, including:

  • Accidental injuries - A leading cause of death of children age 14 and younger.
  • Obesity epidemic - Two out of every five third-graders are either overweight or obese.
  • Chronic illnesses, such as asthma - One of the greatest threats to student health; accounting for more than half a million missed school days each year in Georgia.
  • Type 2 diabetes - One out of every three children born in 2000 will develop Type 2 diabetes in his lifetime unless he adopts a healthier lifestyle.

Raising awareness of health risks among children and taking action today will help ensure a safe and healthy future for our children tomorrow.

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Comprehensive Health Services

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Founded in 1975, CHS is the industry's trusted provider of onsite health centers and national examination programs. Major corporations and government agencies look to CHS for workforce health and productivity management solutions that help maintain a healthier, more stable and productive workforce. CHS' solutions maximize employer's health care investment and integrate seamlessly with their existing benefits strategies.

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NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a global technology company leading how the world connects, interacts and transacts with business. NCR's assisted- and self-service solutions and comprehensive support services address the needs of retail, financial, travel, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, gaming and public sector organizations in more than 100 countries. NCR (www.ncr.com) is headquartered in Dayton , Ohio.

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Since 1935, Perkins+Will has worked with some of the world's most admired clients. From the neighborhood elementary school to the Fortune 100 corporate campus to the most advanced biomedical research facility, Perkins+Will is setting worldwide standards for exceptional service and design innovation in architecture, interiors, branded environments, planning + strategies, and urban design.

We are nationally and internationally recognized for achievements in arenas of corporate + commercial + civic, healthcare, higher education, K-12 education, and science + technology. With each project, we learn and evolve creatively and professionally. Through solid client relationships, we create spaces that achieve the clients' vision and enhance daily life. Our people - some 1,000 - are enthusiasts. We are passionate about our work and driven to achieve the visions of our clients. Through our commitment to sustainable design, we are constantly creating solutions that contribute to human and environmental health of our global ecosystem. Perkins+Will has the highest number of U.S. Green Building Council LEED® Accredited Professionals in North America, with nearly half of the firm's professionals accredited.

As a comprehensive international firm practicing in regional centers, Perkins+Will is always close to its clients. We practice under a common philosophy and standard of excellence, operating as if we were in one, single office location.

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Whatever you need to accomplish, Steelcase can provide you with the environment and the tools to do it better, faster and more effectively. That's because we're passionate about unlocking the potential of people at work. It's the fundamental principle on which our company was founded in 1912 and it remains our single-minded focus in the 21st century.

We make it our business to study how people work, to fully understand the ever-changing needs of individuals, teams and organizations all around the world. Then we take our knowledge, couple it with products and services inspired by what we've learned about the workplace, and create solutions that help people have a better day at work.

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