Project Profile

The Functional Headwall

The patient room is a multi-purpose machine that serves the needs of patient, caregiver and visitors simultaneously. An efficient balance of these three groups is needed in order to offer the best healthcare possible to a patient. The problem with a current patient room is numerous pieces of equipment that cause clutter and impede traffic flow. Machines and equipment are sporadically placed throughout the room making the responsibilities of a caregiver that much more difficult. Other than the congestion of everyday equipment, there is also minimal effort to accommodate visitors and family members of the patient. Visitors are an important part of the recuperation process and should be received with appreciation. When we set out to improve the patient room, we designed it around these fundamental considerations, along with the goal of improving patient care.

The nurse has to deal with the aggregated elements in the room as well as sporadically placed items that she has to use to serve the patient. She also has no defined area within the room for these supplies, equipment, or storage. Many times she has to enter into the Patient and Family Zones to perform her tasks. In terms of the family it is currently hard to accommodate overnight visitors within the Patient Room. They have no real designated area within the room and a common piece of furniture, the sofa, takes up a large percentage of their open space. There is also little storage for the patient or the family. This area is not efficient.

Our main idea in relation to the Patient Room of the Future is consolidation. The solution here is simple one of consolidation for spatial and user efficiency: Creation of a modular/adaptable/customizable piece of furniture centered around the patient but usable and serviceable by the Nurse and Family. The goal of our product is to introduce a piece of furniture to the room that actually defines space, engages users, and enhances all three zones of the room at the same time. This piece will incorporate the Patient Zone & Headwall/ Family Zone/ Sleeper Storage/ Shelf / Nurse Zone/ Work Station/ Disposability Center/ and Waste Disposal.