Project Profile

Information Innovation

Patients and families have limited access to the healthcare information they need. Children are often scared and anxious about undergoing medical procedures causing confusion,frustration, and anxiety.

The I See! System is a healthcare communication tool that informs, sets expectations, educates, and eases anxiety. This system was created in collaboration with Child Life Specialists to provide information that patients and families need in a fun and effective way. It is a mobile, touch-screen computer created to overcome communication barriers because it is:

  • Age-Adaptable
  • Audio-Visual
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Multi-Sensory
  • Interactive
  • Procedural

Evidence shows that proper pediatric preparations can significantly reduce stress and anxiety for the child, as well as increase the incidence of post-hospital benefits. This system incorporates introduction videos by Child Life Specialists, interactive games, key words, and a parent’s section. Incorporating interactive, multi-sensory, and audio-visual techniques allows the system to be fun for the child while empowering them to learn and understand the process.