Project Profile

Tabletop Computing

A prototype of the surface computer was developed by projecting the output from the computer to a table. A touch overlay screen was placed above the projected table surface. This replicated a surface computer very closely except that there was no support for multiple touches. The next step was to develop applications that would address the problems described earlier.

The applications are listed below:

  • X-rays, medical records, lab reports can be pulled from the clinician's hand-held device onto the table. An RFID smart tag associated with the hand-held device triggers the appropriate application when the clinician places the device on the table. A screen shot of the application is shown. The application allows one to flip the orientation of the records or x-rays so that it will be easier for the person on the other side of the table to view it. Also one can zoom any desired portion of the x-ray. Thus this application supports interactive display and communication for shared decision making.
  • An interactive learning tool describes the information about the spacer and MDI inhalers. Also step-by-step instructions about the inhaler usage are described. The inhalers have RFID tags attached to them and they invoke the appropriate instructional material when a particular type of inhaler is placed on the table.
  • Finger painting application developed using JAVA is available. This serves as a very good source of positive distraction for the children in the hospital environment. Asthma trigger game educates the children interactively about different asthma trigger sources that one comes across in every day life. A screen shot of the asthma trigger game is shown.
  • Parents can transfer information about medical conditions and also the usage information from the surface computer to their PDA. The RFID technology is used for this solution also. Also, the application is flexible to let the parents print copies of the information if they choose to. The application also groups the relevant information about a particular topic so that the user can easily navigate to the required information.