Project Profile

Family Information Recreation Space Transition (FIRST) - Interactive Waiting Room

The waiting room can be described as an inefficient transitional space for the hospital. In an area where information can be efficiently portrayed the waiting room currently lacks this and suffers many more problems. They are poorly designed in terns of aesthetics, they do now allow patients and family access to information about conditions that bring them into the hospital, and they are not used to their full potential as a transition space to the hospital.

Our design solution seeks to integrate information, play, and technology to maximize the experience of the waiting room. The design features a ball pit in which the action of play allows the child and even the parent at times to learn at the same time. We hope to contribute the following to the area of waiting room design. First, we hope to combine the notions of a waiting and play area to help appeal to the children who are the area's primary users. Also, we wish to integrate that play with information for the children that is presented in non-conventional ways to help get and keep their attention. Also, the design, by incorporating a general play area, is intended to help create a sense of community among the children while reducing the risk of infection by allowing them to play in a safe, partially self-cleaning area whose non-self-cleaning aspects are easily sanitized with a bottle of Windex and Clorox bleach or by using UV lights.