Project Profile


ED treatment rooms can be an isolating, stressful and dehumanizing experience for patients while they await medical care, test results, and/or discharge. A lack of information and loss of control can lead to anxiety, boredom and a feeling of helplessness. The traditional bedside remote, with its limited range of functionality, is often inadequate for the patient.

Introducing Mpower, the new patient lifeline that aims to give patients a renewed sense of control by connecting them to the outside world, engaging them through positive distraction and empowering them with information. With its colorful, wafer-thin design and user-friendly touchscreen, this innovative, universal remote enables patients to access information about their progress, learn more about their caregivers and customize their rooms with relaxing video views of nature.

The design of this device is based on evidence and extensive observation. We hope it will help improve the patient experience in ED treatment