Project Profile

Care on Rails

ER departments are facing several issues related to space and resources. As a result, too many patients are treated in the hallways or wait for several hours for resources to become available. These issues could be partially solved by a universal and adaptable room. Our proposition consists of abstracting a set of common equipment and building them on sliders that move, along a rail built into the ceiling, between rooms and is stored in a maintenance zone. This solution allows the ER to:

  • Manage their resources more accurately,
  • Avoid unused equipments,
  • Improve the convenience for care givers by eliminating wasted space,
  • Improve the patient comfort by liberating more space and
  • Improve the time effectiveness of care which is essential in emergency cases

Our design aims at improving healthcare and could provide a significant gain in the medical field by eliminating the need to waste space. In today’s world, hospitals prepare 2 rooms before any surgery just to ensure that no malfunction occurs during a procedure; which creates wasted space (rooms) and resources (medical equipment). Furthermore, the medical staff does not have to worry about being confined due to oversized equipment needed during procedures. Instead, a cleaner, more spacious workspace can be afforded now that most of the equipment is built into the slider.