Project Profile

Virtual Environment Simulation

VDS seeks to create an organic virtual mock-up of proposed layouts to allow in-depth analysis of the spatial and process characteristics by many users. For feasibility purposes, the team developed an arbitrary situation to compare two evidence-based design alternatives for an exam room:

  • HKS model - Hughes Spalding
  • Revised HKS model (different layout, same size room)

Each model was given its own dedicated layout of four rooms. The purpose and scenario of each room is as follows:

  • Grey Room - familiarize user with empty room.
  • Green Room - wash hands and greet child and family.
  • Yellow Room - measure blood pressure and examine the ear cavities.
  • Red Room - write a prescription and educate child and family.

Interacting in the scenarios of each room for each model will allow users to evaluate which design is optimal. In the future, subjective and objective measures will be developed to capture the effectiveness and efficiency of different designs.