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Team Science? A case study in autism

Presented by Dr. Gregory Abowd

DATE: Friday, October 30, 2009
TIME: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
LOCATION: Klaus Advanced Computing Building, room 1443

In 1999, my oldest son was two years old and was diagnosed with mild to moderate autistic disorder, on the more severe end of the autism spectrum. In 2003, my second son was also diagnosed. I have always been a researcher who tended to "scratch his own itches," for better or worse. It was not a difficult decision for me to embark on a research career influenced by the personal journey my family was going through with autism. Though I have always prided myself in being a broad-minded computing researcher, I never really felt all that successful at involving other researchers in truly collaborative projects that coalesced different research perspectives on the same problem. Over the past 6 years, I have started to have some success in that area and I want to reflect on those successes, which began with collaborations with non-computing researchers before circling back to involve other computing colleagues.

This talk is going to be a work in progress, as if the vague abstract doesn't give that away :). I welcome my colleagues to attend and give me feedback on whether the message and content of the talk is of any value.

Gregory D. Abowd (pronounced AY-bowd) is the Distinguished Professor in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. His research interests lie in the intersection between Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction. Specifically, Dr. Abowd is interested in ubiquitous computing (ubicomp) and the research issues involved in building and evaluating ubicomp applications that impact our everyday lives. In the College of Computing, he is a member of the School of Interactive Computing and the GVU Center.

Dr. Abowd currently serves as the Director of the Health Systems Institute, a joint Georgia Tech/Emory University research institute investigating the impact of technologies on healthcare delivery. This extends his own work over the past decade on information technologies and autism.

Dr. Abowd directs the Ubiquitous Computing Research Group in the College of Computing and GVU Center. This effort started with the Future Computing Environments research group in 1995, and has since matured into a collection of research groups, including Dr. Abowd's own group. One of the major research efforts that Dr. Abowd initated is the Aware Home Research Initiative, which he founded in 2000 and directed until 2008.
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