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Project: FamLink

Team: Daniel Baily, Sarah Hilton, Kelly Miller

Problem: Patients in the Emergency Department are often separated from family members. A patient may be in a hallway spot with no room for family members to keep them company, or they may be far away from home. Patients in the ED are often disoriented and scared. Separation from family members can lead to further feelings of isolation. A solution is needed to connect patients with loved ones not able to be with them.

Solution: Love Bug, and Live Video Connection

Website: [1]

Poster: Media:ER Poster.png

Brochure: Media:FamLink Brochure.doc

Final Presentation Slides: Media:FamLink Interactive System.ppt

Final Report: Media:FamLink Final Report.doc

Invention Disclosure Form: Media:OTL Disclosure Invention.pdf

Special thanks to:

   Patricio Vela, Assistant Professor, ECE
   Miguel Serrano, Graduate Student, ECE