Fahad Al-Emam

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Basic Info


Name: Fahad Al-Emam

Contact: alemam at gatech.edu


Undergrad: I attended Michigan State University from 2000-2004 and graduated with a Bachelor's in Computer Science and a minor in Math.

Graduate: I am a second year CS major in the College of Computing specializing in Software Engineering.

Work Experience

Web Design: I completed a scheduling system using ASP, JScript, SQL. (1500 LOC, 6 months).

Componenant Programming: Developed modules for SAP's FI module using ABAP (100 LOC, 3 months).

Service Support: Managed the iMS (running on SUN ONE) servers & mail application including all patching, upgrades, and updates. (1 year).

Product Support: Responsible for all aspects of Symantec's Brightmail product ( 1 year).

Project Managment: Lead an Upscale & Mirroring project to increase server capacity & ensure 0 downtime with automatic system failover (6 months).

Class Blog

Emory/Crawford Long Visit