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Member Pages

Please add yourself here, and create your personal profile wiki page here, where you would (1) introduce who you are, background, interests, goals, etc, (2) include/upload/attach your reflections

Ellen Yi-Luen Do


David Cowan

Jeremy Ackerman

Craig Zimring

Marilyn Margolis

Many examples...

Ellen Yi-Leun Do, PhD. college of architecture and college of computing, her motto? work hard, play hard, she has a [web site] or the one on [CoC SIC]

Sushama (Sue) Bhat. I am a graduate student in the Computer Science Masters program, specializing in Software Engineering. I also work as a Graduate Research Assistant with the Health Systems Institute. I worked for a couple of years after my CS under-graduation and then came to Georgia Tech to pursue my Masters in CS. It has been a great one year but I'm also excited about graduating this semester! I love to travel and I've recently begun shutterbugging.

Chung-Lun Kuo

Allyn Rippin

Sarah Hilton

Ashlea Bennett.

Alicia Sanchez. MSIE - May '08, GATech. Currently studying MSHS and working for Perkins and Will as my GRA. I love reading, swimming and football.


Bao (Kelly) To. MS student of Health Systems

Becky Halcik. I am currently getting my Masters in Health Systems. I am working with HCA for my GRA for this year. I received my undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech this past May in Biomedical Engineering. I enjoy football games, movies, traveling, and meeting new people.

Jessica Nance. I am new student in the Masters in Health Systems program. I am going to be working as DeKalb Medical for my Graduate Research Assistantship. I just graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in Computer Engineering in May 2008.

Kapil Raj Nair.

Brandon Thompson. I am a graduate student in the Masters of Health Systems program. I am a Captain in the United States Army attending Georgia Tech with a follow on assignment as an Instructor at West Point in the Systems Department. I graduated from West Point with a degree in Systems Engineering in June 2001.

Caroline Castellino

Girish Venkatesh. I am a MS HCI student. I am a graduate research assistant in Brain Lab. I do research in designing BCIs ( Brian Computer Interfaces).

Daniel Baily.

Vijay I am a graduate student from the ISYE Health Systems program here at Tech.

Kelly Miller

Hyorim Park. I am a second-year MS student in HCI. I have been working in Ubiquitous Computing Group Lab led by Gregory Abowd. I am going to be working on projects related to Autism for my Graduate Research Assistanship in this semester. I got my B.S. in Computer Science at Sookmyung Women's University in Korea.

Malek Bessaad, Student, Master of science in Architecture, exchange program from ENSAPLV, Paris

Fahad Al-Emam

Neil Russell, Student, Masters of Science in Human Computer Interaction, School of Interactive Computing

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