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1) Registration Process
1) Registration Process
- Checking in; Circulation paths of  patients; Security
- ''Checking in; Circulation paths of  patients; Security''
2) Waiting Process
2) Waiting Process

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Name: Chung-Lun Kuo

I am a first year Phd student at COA

Contact address: kuocl@hotmail.com; ckuo6@gatech.edu


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan: Master of Architecture, Master of Science in Architecture

Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois: Master of Project Management (Construction Management in Civil Engineering)

National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan : Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Work History:

Richard Meier & Partners Architects, New York, NY (2004~2007)

Kallmann Mckinnell & Wood Architects, Boston, MA (2001~2004)

Polshek Partnership Architects, New York, NY (2000~2001)

Professional Licensure: Massachusetts, New York State, and Georgia, NCARB; a member of the AIA (the American Institute of Architects)

ER Homework #1

1) What is in an ED you wrote in class?

- the major issue of ED is how to pay more attention/care to patients physically and mentally as well as how to release the pressure/anxiety of patients, patients' family and friends when they are waiting. People are really scared there.

2) What have you learned today?

- the first-hand ER experience from related professionals.

ER Field Trip Note

1) Registration Process - Checking in; Circulation paths of patients; Security

2) Waiting Process - Waiting order; Waiting time; Re-check; View of waiting room; Decision for accepting patients

3) Triage - Function; # of nurse for a triage

4) Layout of ER - People flow; Adjacency of rooms (radiology, reception, triage, etc.); Security

5) Express care - Exam room; Ambulance entry

6) CDU - Observation/re-evaluation/decision; Room size/room design (patient bed, sink, equipment, seating, etc.)

7) Nurse’s concerns - Daily activities; Care for patients; Computer network; More access to patient care; More education for patients; Utilization of space; Workspace design